Cuddle Up With the Coziest 2 Piece Baby Pajamas

Our 2-piece pajamas are a more traditional pajama set with a matching top and bottoms. Thanks to our buttery soft and breathable TierraLuxe™ fabric, these pajamas offer comfort all night long. 2 piece pajamas allow for quick bottom-only changing and easier potty training. These pajama sets are a perfect option for growing Little Sprouts looking to transition to “big kid” sleepwear. Wear the top and matching pants together, or have fun mixing and matching for stylish looks for sleep or play. Available in sizes 3 months to 5T.

How to Ensure Infant Safety in 2 Piece Baby Pajamas

This 2-piece long-sleeve set offers a stretchy yet snug fit to keep babies comfortable while meeting CPSC safety regulations. Therefore, avoid a loose and baggy fit as this can lead to fabric blocking essential airways during nighttime movement. Pair your 2 piece pajamas with a baby sleep sack for a cozy and calming combination that promotes quality sleep. If you are looking for alternatives to 2 piece pajama sets, our footie pajamas and baby bodysuits are soft and snuggly options as well.


Babies can sleep well in both single and 2 piece pajamas, as long as the clothing is not too loose. Baby pajama sets should always have a snug fit to reduce any suffocation hazards from additional fabric. Pair 2 piece pajamas with a cozy baby sleep sack for additional warmth, comfort, and safety. Babies can also sleep comfortably in one-piece options, like footie pajamas or baby bodysuits.

Baby pajamas should be changed daily, especially for newborns. Daily pajama changes help keep your baby’s sensitive skin clean and healthy. However, your baby may need multiple changes depending on their individual needs. Diaper leaks and blowouts, sweating, and spit-up may lead to additional pajama changes. Breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics like TENCEL™ help keep your baby dry and comfortable throughout the night, reducing the need for additional changes.

Many babies wear one piece pajamas until they are 24 months but it is a matter of personal preference. Babies can wear one piece pajamas for as long as it works for them and their parents. Many parents find 2 piece pajamas a more suitable option once potty training begins since they are easier for the child to pull up and down.

Loose-fitting clothing is more likely to catch fire if exposed to an open flame.  Therefore, in accordance with CPSC guidelines, 12 month pajamas and over should be snug-fitting to minimize flammability. Babies 9 months and under are not considered mobile enough to be at risk. While some pajamas are labeled as flame-resistant, they are treated with chemicals that can easily irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. It’s best to choose natural, breathable, and snug-fitting pajamas like our 2 piece baby pajamas crafted with our TENCEL™-based TierraLuxe™ fabric.