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From climbing to walking, your little one is likely spending these next months exploring the world with a whole new sense of wonder and determination. Now, you can celebrate your baby's milestones in style with our charming 6-9 month clothing collection. Made with soft, breathable, and durable Tencel fabric, our everyday and bedtime essentials are perfect for their evolving needs.

Discover a beautiful range of options, from versatile footies to cozy bodysuits, carefully designed by moms to ensure optimal comfort and style for baby and practical convenience for parents.

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Baby Clothing Designed for Baby’s First Steps

At 9-12 months, your baby is on the move and preparing to take those exciting first steps. As they explore their newfound mobility, their wardrobe should keep up with their active lifestyle. That's where our 9-12 month clothing collection comes in, designed to celebrate this significant milestone in practical style.

One standout piece in our collection is our convertible footie, designed for versatility and convenience. With its convertible design, this footie easily transitions from footed to footless wear for cozy bedtime or daytime play. We’ve even added sole grips for added safety for curious little Sprouts on the go. This versatility makes it a must-have staple in your little boy or girl’s wardrobe, adapting to their changing needs and activities throughout the day.


When dressing your 9 month old baby, opt for durable options designed for comfort and mobility. As your baby grows, dressing them in clothing that allows for freedom of movement is key to their comfort and development. Consider soft convertible footies that can transition from sleepwear to playwear or   classic bodysuits paired with versatile pants or leggings for a stylish yet practical look. They'll also need cozy sleepwear for naptime and bedtime, like cozy sleep sacks and soft pajama sets. Day or night, choose soft, breathable fabrics that promote comfort and protect sensitive skin. Additionally, avoid clothing with small parts, such as buttons, that may pose as choking hazards.

Babies typically start wearing 12-month clothes around the age of 9 to 12 months. However, this can vary depending on the individual growth rate of the baby. Some babies may transition into 12-month clothes as early as 6-9 months old, while others may continue wearing smaller sizes for a bit longer.

While numbered sizing can be used as a guide, always remember to consider your baby's height, weight, and overall comfort when determining the appropriate clothing size. Additionally, since sizing and fit can vary from brand to brand and product to product, we recommend consulting the brand’s sizing chart to help you find the ideal size for your baby. 

If you are interested in knowing about our sizing for a particular product, please refer to the chart on the specific product page.