baby girl wearing cuddle sprouts hypoallergenic sleep sack

Not Your Average Baby Sleep Sack

Our baby sleep sacks are quilted wearable blankets that provide the best in soothing comfort as your baby falls and stays asleep. Our TierraLuxe™ fabric is naturally heavier than other fabrics, creating a cozy calming effect. By combining the latest sleep safety research with our Tencel-based soft, hypoallergenic, and thermoregulating fabric, our sleep sacks are a safe and comfortable bedtime option. 

Reinforced stitching, non-exposed seams, and premium fabric make for luxury quality that will last. Additionally, a convenient 2-way zipper makes late-night changes a breeze, so both you and your baby can be back to sleep in no time.  Available in sizes XS to L. 

Cuddle Sprouts hypoallergenic sleep sacks

How to Choose the Right Sleep Sack Size for Your Baby

To ensure a safe and snug sleep sack fit for your child at any age, avoid extremely wide arm openings and ensure the collar isn’t big enough to cover their airways when lying down. However, the area around the hips and legs should be loose, allowing for movement. There is no hazard if the sleep sack is too long. Instead, it allows growing babies to enjoy the sleep sack until they transition to baby blankets. The transitional Sleep Sack, or sleep bag, is a perfect option to help transition from a swaddle but can be safe for a newborn if it fits properly.  

Find a sleep sack to mix or match with your baby’s crib sheets, loveys, or changing pad covers.  


Baby sleep sacks, also referred to as baby sleeping bags, are a style of baby sleepwear that is essentially a wearable blanket. Sleep sacks are designed to keep your infant or young child safe, comfortable, and warm during sleep. The standard sleep sack design features openings for the baby’s neck and arms while forming a pouch around the legs. This allows enough movement while staying safe throughout the night. 

Sleep sacks are a safe addition to your baby’s sleepwear collection. These transitional sleep sacks offer a safe shift  away from or an alternative to a swaddle. Sleep sacks are a safer alternative to traditional blankets and loose sheets in the crib or bed, reducing the risk of suffocation or overheating. They provide a cozy sleeping environment for babies, allowing them to move their legs and arms freely while still feeling snug and secure. All of our baby sleep sacks are designed in accordance with CPSC safety regulations and the most recent sleep safety research.

TOG on baby sleep sacks stands for Thermal Overall Grade. This grade, or measurement, is a representation of the warmth and thermal insulation of the garment. The higher the TOG rating, the warmer the baby sleeping bag will keep your baby. Our  sleep sacks are currently available in 1.0 TOG, providing optimal warmth and comfort for every season.

To help ensure baby safety and comfort while sleeping in a sleep sack, choose the appropriate size and dress the baby appropriately underneath. To find the right size, ensure the collar doesn't cover the baby’s airways when the baby is lying down on their back. Check that the arm openings are not extremely wide, while still providing room for the baby’s arms to freely move outside of the sleep bag. There should also be ample room for movement of the baby's hips and legs. For optimal comfort, dress your baby in a base layer that is appropriate for the room temperature and sleep sack TOG. We recommend choosing sleep sacks crafted with soft, breathable, and thermoregulating fabrics, like TENCEL™.