Reasons to Love Our Soft And Snap-Free Knotted Baby Gowns

Our knotted baby gown set offers a sweet, stylish, and convenient option for your newborn. Skip the snaps, buttons, and zippers with a style you can easily slide over your baby’s head or up their legs. Simply tie a knot slightly below the feet to keep your little one snug in our buttery soft and breathable TierraLuxeTM fabric. A knotted bottom closure allows for quick and easy diaper changes while fold-over mittens allow your baby to enjoy all the cozy cuddles without accidentally scratching their skin. They are perfect for daywear or sleepwear, making them a versatile outfit option for newborns. Complete your knotted gown set with a matching hat or headband for a picture-perfect look. Available in size newborn to 3 months.

Why Choose These Conveniently Designed Baby Gowns

Knotted newborn gowns are growing in popularity, thanks to their functional design. The knotted closure allows you to easily tend to your baby’s needs, from diaper changes to umbilical cord care. These gowns are one-size-fits-all in nature, making for stress-free sizing during a baby’s first three months. Simply adjust the knot placement for a personalized fit as the baby grows. 

Just like our swaddles and newborn cuddle sets, our baby gowns are crafted with soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic TENCEL™ fibers to provide a gentle option for sensitive newborn skin. 


Yes, knotted gowns are generally safe for babies. They are designed with safety in mind, featuring easy-access bottom openings and secure knots to prevent any risks of entanglement or choking hazards. However, it's always important to ensure that any knot gown fits properly and securely on your baby to avoid any potential safety concerns. Oversized newborn clothes of any kind can increase risk of suffocation. Regularly monitor your baby and adhere to safe sleep practices to ensure their safety while wearing knotted newborn gowns.

When dressing your baby, slide the gown over their head or up their legs and tie a simple knot under their feet. Simply untie the knot enclosure for easy diaper changes or before buckling the baby in a car seat. Knotted baby gowns can be used as a practical and stylish daywear or sleepwear option for infants, offering an alternative to clothing that involves buttons, snaps, or zippers. Many newborns enjoy the comfort and security a sack-like knotted gown provides as it resembles being snug in the womb.

Knotted baby gowns differ from other baby clothing by their practical open-bottom design with a knot or tie closure. The unique closure design provides easy access for diaper changes, stretch, and size adaptability, while offering versatility for both sleepwear and everyday use. Knotted baby gowns are a safe, convenient, and comfortable alternative to newborn clothing that has buttons, zippers, and snaps.

TENCEL™ is a high-quality sustainable fabric made from eucalyptus wood pulp. It is preferred for baby clothing because of its superior softness, breathability, thermoregulatory properties, absorbency, and durability. TENCEL™ is gentle and hypoallergenic in nature, making it ideal for delicate and sensitive baby skin. In addition to being a better choice for babies, many parents love how sustainable Tencel is. Tencel is produced in a highly sustainable closed-loop process, making it a better option for the planet than other plant-based fabrics, like bamboo and cotton.