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Cozy Nursery Bedding and Baby Sleep Essentials

From buttery soft baby blankets to cozy crib sheets, our NURSERY collection offers the essentials needed for comforting cuddles and a good night’s sleep. After all, we believe a nursery is meant to be a calming space where sweet dreams can flourish. Choose from our neutral colors and nature-inspired designs to help create your dream nursery aesthetic.

Complete Your Dream Baby Nursery

Our NURSERY collection features a variety of baby crib bedding, including buttery soft baby blankets and crib sheets, and other cozy essentials like sleep sacks and loveys. Create the perfect look with a matching changing pad cover.

Shop our NURSERY collection to support sustainability  and sweet dreams.


Keep comfort and safety in mind when choosing crib bedding, loveys, and sleep sacks for your baby. When it comes to bedding, look for crib sheets with elastic trim to keep them snug and secure around the mattress. 

Blankets and Loveys are perfect for soft and soothing cuddles. However, they should not be placed in the crib until the baby reaches 12 months of age as these loose blankets increase the risk of suffocation. 

For sleep sacks, it’s important to choose the appropriate size, ensuring the collar doesn't cover the baby’s airways when lying down. There should also be ample room for movement of the baby's hips and legs. 

Whether you are choosing bedding, loveys, or sleep sacks for your baby, opt for fabrics that are soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic to provide cozy comfort that is gentle on sensitive skin.

Tencel™ is the best material for baby crib sheets and other crib bedding due to its superior breathability and thermoregulation. These properties help provide a comfortable sleep environment for the baby throughout the night while minimizing the risks of overheating and discomfort. Additionally, Tencel is soft and hypoallergenic, providing a gentle option for your baby’s delicate skin. Lastly, Tencel provides the optimal stretch needed for this style of baby bedding. Crib sheets should never be loose or bunchy, especially around the mattress corners. Instead, choose a stretchy fabric, like Tencel, that will snuggly cover the mattresses, reducing the risk of the sheets coming undone during sleep. 

Compared to bamboo, Tencel™ is a better option for baby crib sheets. While both fabrics are breathable, Tencel™ outperforms bamboo in its moisture-wicking and absorbency, making it the ideal option for crib sheets. Tencel™ also has an unmatched silky softness and cool touch, making it gentle on skin and comfortable for sleep. Additionally, Tencel™ is produced in a highly sustainable closed-loop process that uses fewer chemicals and resources than bamboo while minimizing textile waste. That means fewer chemicals for babies and the planet. Our TierraLuxe™ fabric is crafted with Lenzing-certified TENCEL™, ensuring the best in quality, comfort, and sustainability for the best night’s sleep.

A baby sleep sack, or sleep bag, resembles a wearable blanket that promotes safe and sound sleep. They are perfect when transitioning away from a swaddle, or can be used as a safe alternative. The standard sleep sack design features openings for the baby’s neck and arms while forming a pouch around the legs. This sack-like design allows the baby adequate room for movement while staying safe throughout the night, minimizing the risk of accidental suffocation. Moreover, sleep sacks create a comforting and cozy sleep environment without the need for additional blankets in the crib. Loose blankets pose a suffocation risk and should not be used in the crib for babies under 12 months old.