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Baby Sleepers Designed for Better Sleep

When it comes to ensuring your little one gets a good night's sleep, comfort is key. At Cuddle Sprouts, we raise the standard of comfort, crafting cozy sleepwear that promotes sounder sleep and sweeter dreams. Our baby sleepers are crafted with soft and hypoallergenic Tencel fabric to provide soothing comfort for delicate skin. Thanks to Tencel’s breathable and thermoregulating properties, you too can sleep soundly knowing your baby will remain comfortable all night long. 

Shop our collection of baby sleepers now and give your little bundle of joy the gift of sweet dreams. And don't forget to check out our baby blankets collection for even more cozy essentials!

Designed for Comfort and Convenience

Our collection of baby sleepers is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. We’ve taken the classic footed sleeper style and raised the bar to create a sleepwear option that offers optimal comfort for babies and practical convenience for parents. 

The fold-over feet design allows for a customized footed or footless fit, ensuring your baby stays cozy and comfortable whether they're sleeping or playing. Sole grips make our sleeper safer for babies on the go while the 2-way zipper makes for easier diaper changes. Additionally, our newborn sleepers include foldover mittens that protect the littlest sprouts from scratching their delicate skin.  

While our sleepers are available in sizes from newborn to 24 months, be sure to explore our collection of tencel baby clothes for children of all ages.


The number of sleepers needed for a baby's first year can vary depending on factors like how often you do laundry and your baby's unique changing needs. However, having at least 6-8 sleepers is a good starting point to ensure you have enough clean options available, even if laundry isn't done daily. Having this number of sleepers on hand provides flexibility and convenience for both you and your baby, ensuring you always have a cozy outfit ready to go.

Babies typically stop wearing standard sleepers, especially footed ones, around 18 to 24 months of age. At this stage, toddlers may begin to transition to more "grown-up" sleepwear options such as traditional toddler pajamas and pajama sets. However, the exact age at which a baby stops wearing sleepers can vary depending on factors such as personal preference, climate, and individual developmental milestones. Some toddlers may continue to wear sleepers for longer if they find them a cozy and comfortable sleepwear option. Cuddle Sprouts’ convertible sleeper design allows for footless wear, creating a convenient transition away from footed sleepwear.

At Cuddle Sprouts, we prioritize your baby's comfort and safety. That's why most of our infant clothing, including newborn sleepers, are thoughtfully designed with fold-over mittens to prevent scratches and keep your little one's hands warm. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about mittens falling off during sleep. Additionally, our two-way zipper makes changing your bay far more convenient than snap, button, and traditional zipper designs.