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There’s nothing quite like those first cuddles with your newborn. We created our newborn bundle sets to help mamas soak up those precious cuddles with carefully curated styles. Whether you’re an expecting mom or looking for a gift, a newborn bundle set is the perfect way to shower a baby with love and sustainable style. Our newborn bundle sets give the gift of natural luxury by using buttery soft and breathable fabrics that prevent overheating and wick away moisture while providing gentle comfort for sensitive skin. Each set comes with your choice of a matching hat or headband, creating a picture-perfect look for your baby boy or girl.

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Our BUNDLES collection offers soft and stylish options perfect for newborn photoshoots or coming-home outfits. Choose from soft swaddles, gorgeous knotted gowns, and adorable 2-piece baby cuddle sets

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Newborn bundle sets are curated collections of newborn clothing items and accessories perfect for those first weeks. These bundles typically include practical essentials, like knotted gowns, swaddles, and cozy sets along with matching accessories. These style pairings are both practical for parents and perfect for newborn photo-ops. Knotted gowns and two-piece sets make for easy outfit and diaper changes while swaddles are perfect for keeping your bundle of joy snug and secure.

When it comes to choosing the right size for a newborn bundle set, it’s better to air on the side of caution. You should never dress a newborn in oversized clothing, especially for sleeping. Extra fabric can shift during movement, covering airways and causing a suffocation risk. Each of our bundle sets has only one sizing option, ensuring the baby’s safety while taking away any stress of choosing the appropriate size.

Newborns have sensitive skin, so it is best to choose clothing made from soft, breathable fabrics. Our newborn bundle sets are made with soft, breathable Tencel fibers to provide optimal comfort without overheating. With its smooth and silky texture, Tencel also minimizes the risk of skin irritations or allergies, making it an ideal option for delicate skin.

Compared to bamboo, Tencel is a better option for newborns and the planet. While both fabrics are breathable, Tencel outperforms bamboo in its moisture-wicking, absorbency, and durability. Tencel also has an unmatched silky softness, making it a gentler option for delicate skin. Additionally, Tencel is produced in a highly sustainable closed-loop process that uses fewer chemicals and resources than bamboo while minimizing textile waste. Our TierraLuxe™ fabric is crafted with Lenzing-certified TENCEL™, ensuring the best in quality, comfort, and sustainability for your newborn.

Newborn bundle sets make fantastic baby shower gifts. They offer curated collections of coordinated items for the little one, ensuring a stylish and practical start. Consider options like a gown, swaddle, or a newborn top and bottom set, and a matching hat or headband. These newborn bundles provide both style and functionality, making them thoughtful and adorable choices for new parents.