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little boy wearing cuddle sprouts toddler pajamas

Sleep in Cozy Comfort with Cuddle Sprouts Toddler Pajamas

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for a growing toddler. Cuddle Sprouts’ collection of toddler pajamas provides the ultimate comfort needed for restful sleep. Made with Tencel Lyocell, our pajamas are naturally soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking, ensuring your child’s comfort all throughout the night. 

These two piece pjs are the perfect sleepwear option as your child transitions from baby styles to big kid pjs. Each pajama set comes with a coordinating top and bottom. Wear them together or have fun mixing and matching with your other favorite sleepwear styles.  Available in sizes up to 5T.

baby girl smiling while wearing toddler pajamas

Establishing a Bedtime Routine for Your Toddler

When it comes to establishing a healthy bedtime routine for your toddler, start by setting a consistent bedtime and creating a peaceful atmosphere in their nursery. Consider soothing items like a noise machine, soft blankets, and  a nightlight. When it’s time, prepare your little one for sleep with calming screen-free activities such as reading or gentle play. Then, move on to bedtime routines such as brushing their teeth and getting into a comfortable pair of pajamas. By keeping a consistent routine and creating a relaxing space, you can foster a sense of security and relaxation while signaling that it’s time to wind down. 

Shop Cuddle Sprouts’ toddler pjs, the perfect addition to your little one’s bedtime routine. Thanks to their cozy softness, your toddler will be eager to cuddle up when it’s time to rest. 


Similar to baby pajamas, toddler pajamas should fit comfortably and snugly without being too tight or restrictive. Per CPSC guidelines, baby pajamas in sizes 9 months and above must be treated with flame retardants or meet specific snug-fitting guidelines to reduce the chance of flammability. However, since most flame retardants are made with harsh toxins, it’s best to minimize exposure to your toddler. Opt for snug-fitting sleepwear instead. 

As always, check the sizing charts provided by manufacturers to ensure the best fit for your toddler’s pjs. Consider sizing up if your toddler is between sizes. Cuddle Sprouts’ toddler pajamas are designed to fit sizes 2T to 5T.

Yes, Cuddle Sprouts’ toddler pajamas are suitable for sensitive skin. Our Tencel Lyocell fabric is naturally soft and hypoallergenic, making it a comfortable and gentle option for sensitive skin prone to irritation from chafing. Additionally, Tencel Lyocell is highly breathable and moisture-wicking, which helps prevent overheating or excessive sweating during sleep that can lead to further irritation and discomfort. Lastly, thanks to Tencel Lyocell’s sustainable sourcing and production, you can feel confident knowing that your little one’s pjs are not treated with harsh toxins and chemicals that often lead to allergies and irritation.

The number of pajamas you have on hand for your 2-year-old varies from household to household, and depends on laundry frequency, personal preference, and climate variations. As a general guideline, having 4-8 pairs of pajamas is a good place to start. Unless particularly dirty from accidents, playing, or food, you can rotate pajamas every three days.