Swaddle Your Baby With the Love, Care, and Softness

Our collection of baby swaddles is designed to wrap your infant with love, care, and the soothing softness of our TierraLuxe™ fabric. Swaddling your baby with our soft, lightweight, and breathable blanket creates a sense of security and relaxation without the risk of overheating. Proper swaddling technique helps promote restful sleep, cozy cuddles, and mother-baby bonding. That’s why we create a swaddle with generous sizing and stretch, providing plenty of fabric to work with so you can ensure a perfectly snug wrap every time. Complete the swaddle set with your choice of a matching hat or headband.


How Swaddle Blankets Can Help Soothe Your Baby

Swaddling helps soothe infants by recreating the cozy environment of the womb. The gentle pressure of a wrapped swaddle blanket calms anxiety and prevents the startle reflex, promoting better sleep overall. Additionally, the snug wrapping prevents accidental scratching and self-disturbance during sleep, allowing the baby to sleep longer stretches. Our Swaddles are made with our signature TierraLuxe™ fabric to create the ultimate collection of soft and soothing swaddles. 

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Swaddling refers to a way of wrapping an infant with a lightweight blanket in a snug and secure way. The idea is to create a wrapping that the baby can not wiggle out of. This style of secure wrapping creates a soothing effect that prevents startle reflex and promotes restful sleep. Swaddling is a safe alternative to having loose blankets in the crib with an infant, as loose fabric increases the risk of suffocation.

Using a swaddle with your baby is a safe option until they start showing signs of rolling. For most infants, this transition begins around 8 weeks, or 2 months old. However, every baby is different. Let your baby’s rolling cues initiate the transition as continuing swaddling after an infant can roll over increases risks such as SIDS and suffocation. When it’s time to transition away from the swaddle, consider switching to a soothing baby sleep sack to promote restful sleep.

Many babies sleep better when swaddled thanks to the calming effect of the wrap. The gentle pressure promotes a soothing sense of security that can lead to more restful sleep. Swaddling helps keep the baby’s arms at their sides, reducing startling reflexes and self-disturbances throughout the night. Our buttery soft swaddles are made with TENCEL™ fibers to provide soft, soothing comfort. However, not all babies enjoy being swaddled. In that case, a baby sleep sack is a safe alternative.

When it comes to swaddling a newborn, safety is of the utmost importance. Follow these steps to safely and effectively swaddle your baby: 

  1. Lay the swaddle down flat, folding the top corner down. Place your baby face-up, positioning its head right above the folded top corner. 
  2. While keeping their arms at their side, wrap one side over the baby and tuck the remaining fabric under their body. 
  3. Next, bring the bottom corner up to cover the feet before wrapping and securely  tucking the other side. The baby’s arms should be snug by their sides under the wrap, leaving only the head and neck exposed.
  4. Lastly, check the swaddle to ensure the blanket is snug but not too tight. The baby's hips should have room to move freely. 

Never place the swaddle too high or loose so that it could cover the baby’s face or restrict their breathing. Additionally, always place a swaddled baby on their back and monitor them regularly to ensure their comfort and safety.