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Baby girl wearing 6-9 month clothes

Stylish and Functional 6-9 Month Baby Clothing

As babies reach 6-9 months, their wardrobe will need to accommodate their newfound mobility and curiosity. Luckily, our signature fabric is made from insanely soft and incredibly durable Tencel fibers, creating the perfect mix of comfort and practical style as your baby starts to scoot, crawl, and explore the world around them. Opt for styles that support their newfound curiosity by allowing for unrestricted movement. For example, onesies or bodysuits paired with stretchy pants or convertible footies are perfect options for 6-9-month-old babies. 

For more options, shop our full collection of Tencel baby clothes that strike a balance between durability and comfort. Whatever age or stage they are at, our clothes are designed to support your little one’s growing sense of adventure. Looking for the next size up? Explore our 9-12 month collection.

baby sleeping while wearing 6-9 month clothes

Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits Starts with Comfortable Clothing

As your baby transitions into the 6-9 month phase, sleep patterns may fluctuate, and sleep regressions might occur. However, one key aspect of establishing healthy sleeping habits is ensuring your baby's soothing environment for sleep—and that includes their pajamas. We recommend you dress your baby in soft, breathable fabrics like Tencel or organic cotton to provide the utmost comfort while supporting proper thermoregulation throughout the night, reducing sleep-disrupting discomfort and night sweats. Additionally, pajamas with convenient features like zipper closures or snap buttons make for quicker nighttime diaper changes, reducing interruptions to the sleep training process. In addition to pajamas, opt for comfortably cool sheets made from hypoallergenic fabric to provide a soothing surface for bedtime, promoting relaxation and all-night comfort. 

Looking to create the perfect place for sound sleep and sweet dreams for your little one? Shop our nursery collection full of bedtime essentials and baby bedding must-haves. 


At 6 months old, your baby needs clothes that are comfortable, functional, and safe. As your baby becomes more curious and mobile, dressing them in comfortable and practical attire ensures they stay happy and content as they explore the world around them. Therefore, their clothing needs may differ slightly from their 3-6 month clothes

Opt for soft Tencel Lyocell or organic cotton footies, two-piece sets, or bodysuits for clothing options that are versatile for sleep or play.   At 6 months, your baby is long past swaddling, but still too young for loose blankets in the crib. Therefore, a cozy sleep sack is the perfect way to add additional comfort and warmth during sleep. Remember to prioritize safety by avoiding clothing with small parts. 

Between 6 and 9 months, your baby's growth blossoms. They become more mobile, babbling with joy and engaging in social interactions. They may also start teething leading to drool and discomfort. Additionally, feeding becomes an adventure as they explore new tastes. All of these developmental changes may result in more messes and dirty clothes. Luckily, our heirloom Tencel baby clothes are designed to withstand the exciting adventures and milestones of early childhood and maintain their softness wash after wash. 

Embrace each milestone knowing you're nurturing your baby's development every step of the way.

Between the ages of 6-9 months, you may notice ups and downs in your baby’s sleep. Try the following tips to help your baby sleep better during the 6-9-month stage:

1. Establish a consistent bedtime routine to signal it's time to wind down.

2. Create a calm sleep environment by keeping the room dark, quiet, and comfortably cool.

3. Encourage self-soothing by putting your baby down drowsy but awake, helping them learn to fall asleep independently.

4. Watch for tired cues and put your baby down for naps before they become overtired.