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baby girl outdoors wearing 12-18  Month Clothes

Baby Clothing Designed to Grow with Your Little One

As your little one blossoms from a baby to an active toddler, you’ll want to ensure their wardrobe adapts to their new needs and growing sense of adventure.  That’s why our clothing is designed to embrace both comfort and curiosity and is made with ultra soft and highly durable Tencel lyocell fabric. Thanks to Tencel’s natural softness and stretch, our clothes move and grow with your baby. Whether they're crawling, playing, or exploring, our clothing provides the perfect balance of support and freedom of movement during these fun and exciting months. 

Explore our collection of 12-18 month clothes, made with love and crafted with your toddler's comfort and development in mind.

Dress Your 12-18 Month Old for Nature's Adventures

Dressing your little explorer for outdoor adventures can be both practical and stylish with our nature-inspired designs. Our Tencel fabric is crafted with natural fibers to create a soft, breathable option that is gentle on sensitive yet durable enough for exploring the wonders of the world. Whether enjoying an outdoor picnic, crawling through the grass, or playing in the park, our Tencel clothing promotes unrestricted movement and allows your child to fully embrace their adventurous spirit in utmost comfort and style. 

From versatile convertible footies to must-have bodysuits, our garments are the perfect option for nature lovers. Shop our full collection for children 12-18 months. You can also shop for additional sizes, including 9-12 months and 18-24 months.


From nature walks to water play and outdoor art, outdoor activities provide invaluable opportunities for toddlers to explore, learn, and grow. These experiences foster sensory awareness, creativity, and physical development, especially during the 12-18 months range when your baby is showcasing newfound curiosity and awareness of the world around them. Whether it's picnics, gardening, or watching animals, each adventure cultivates a love for nature and creates lasting memories you can enjoy with your little one. 

Our nature-inspired prints and durable designs are perfect for outdoor adventures of all kinds.

Encouraging your toddler's independence and creativity is crucial for their development. One way to do this is by providing opportunities for self-expression and decision-making. For example, allow your toddler to choose their clothing, such as their pajamas. If you’re worried about mismatching outfits, consider providing choices between coordinating tops and bottoms. These simple gestures will empower them and support their growing autonomy. Additionally, create a nurturing environment where they can explore freely, engage in imaginative play, and experiment with different materials and activities.