Experience Unmatched Comfort with Our Buttery Soft Baby Blankets

Every Little One needs a soft and cozy baby blanket. That’s why we created premium baby blankets perfect for comforting cuddles and soothing snuggles.  Our buttery soft, generously-sized, and slightly weighted blankets set a new standard for cozy cuddles across all ages. Our baby blankets are carefully crafted using our premium TierraLuxe™ fabric to ensure optimal comfort and the gentlest touch against your baby's delicate skin.

Whether it's during naptime, bedtime, or a moment of cuddling, these blankets provide a loving embrace that soothes your baby into a peaceful slumber. Our blankets are designed to be well-loved, mixing a practical and durable design with the softest fabric to ensure a plush and luxurious cuddle experience for many years to come.

Mix or match your baby blanket with our equally soft and cuddly crib sheets, sleep sacks, loveys, and changing pad covers to complete your nursery aesthetic.

How TENCEL™ Baby Blankets Create Better Sleep for Your Little One

Our baby blankets are crafted with our signature Tencel-based TierraLuxe™ fabric. TENCEL™ is crafted from natural fibers derived from sustainably sourced eucalyptus trees, making it an exceptionally gentle and breathable option for baby blankets. Its unique moisture-wicking properties ensure optimal temperature regulation. This promotes comfortable and uninterrupted sleep any time of year. Furthermore, TENCEL™ is buttery soft and hypoallergenic, creating a cozy, clean, healthy sleep environment. The gentle touch of our TENCEL™ blankets wraps your Little One in a comforting embrace, promoting sound sleep and sweet dreams.  

Safety note: While our baby blankets offer soothing comfort to all ages, babies should not sleep with loose blankets until they reach 12 months of age, per the most recent sleep safety guidelines.


While you can introduce blankets to babies at any age, they should not sleep with blankets until they reach at least 12 months of age. Soft, loose blankets pose suffocation risk to sleeping infants, yet are deemed safe for babies one year and older. If you are worried about keeping your infant warm throughout the night, sleep sacks are a safe and cozy alternative. Regardless, younger babies can still enjoy soft, cozy cuddles with the right supervision. In addition to cuddles, our generously sized baby blankets are perfect for using as play mats or for bundling your little during a stroller ride.

Baby blankets provide an important sense of security and comfort for newborn babies. After spending nine months in the womb, babies yearn for a similar sense of safety and warmth during those first few months post-birth. A soft baby blanket provides a gentle and comforting embrace, offering a sense of security and comfort as they adjust to the world around them. As your baby grows, baby blankets can also be a safe place for them to enjoy tummy time and explore through play without crawling directly on the floor.

Tencel is the best material for baby blankets due to its soft, breathable, and durable nature. The fabric’s luxurious softness and hypoallergenic qualities make for a cozy yet gentle option for sensitive skin. Additionally, Tencel is absorbent and moisture-wicking, offering natural anti-bacterial protection and comfort. These properties help ensure a clean and healthy sleep environment for your baby. Lastly, Tencel is a sustainable option that gives parents peace of mind. Now, your child can enjoy cozy cuddles without you fearing the lingering impact chemicals and harsh additives will have on their skin or the environment.

TENCEL™ is a seasonless fabric that provides optical comfort across various temperatures and climates. It offers superior thermoregulation, helping keep your baby comfortable in any temperature. The fabric is also highly breathable and moisture-wicking, aiding in achieving optimal comfort. With these properties, Tencel will help maintain your baby’s body heat in cooler months while promoting a comfortable cooling effect in warmer months. We made out baby blankets with TENCEL™ fibers to provide the best cuddle companion all year long.