Comfy, Convenient Footies for Sleep or Play

Our buttery soft convertible footies are more than superior sleepwear. These footies are thoughtfully designed with versatility in mind.

The fold-over feet allow you to dress your little one for sleep or play. All of our convertible footies are crafted with sole grips to ensure safety for babies on the go and a 2-way zipper for easy diaper changes.

Sizes from newborn to 3 months also feature scratch-preventing fold-over mittens. Our hypoallergenic, breathable, and stretchy TierraLuxe™ fabric allows for a personalized fit, flexible wear, and optimal comfort. Available with or without ruffles in sizes newborn to 24 months.

How to Ensure the Perfect Fit for baby Footie Pajamas

We prioritize safety just as we do style, comfort, and sustainability. It’s important to choose the right footie size and fit to ensure comfort and safety during sleep or play.

According to CPSC safety guidelines, infant sleepwear should fit snugly to the baby’s body. Loose pajamas can increase the risk of hazards, including suffocation from the extra fabric. Follow our size guidelines to ensure a safe fit for your baby. Shop our 2 piece baby pajamas and baby sleep sacks for additional cozy sleepwear options.


Footies, or footie pajamas, are a popular sleepwear choice for infants and young children. The footie style provides warmth and comfort and can help regulate their body temperature during sleep. The footie design ensures that their feet are covered and protected, eliminating the need for separate socks or booties. Footies also offer a cute and cozy option for daytime wear, making the transition from play time to nap time a breeze. Our footie pajamas are made with TENCEL™ fibers to ensure the utmost comfort any time of day or year.

Many children stop wearing footies at 24 months. However, there isn’t any specific age at which babies should stop wearing footie pajamas. The decision regarding footie wear depends on comfort, fit, and overall preference of the parent and baby. If your baby is walking, opt for footie styles with sole grips for safety. Some parents find 2 piece pajamas a more suitable option once potty training begins. When made with a thermoregulating fabric, like TENCELTM, footies are a perfect pajama or daytime option all year round for babies of all ages.

The decision of whether or not a baby should wear socks under footie pajamas depends on a few key factors, including the room temperature and the baby's individual level of comfort. Sleeping with the feet covered, with socks or footies, can help regulate the baby’s body temperature when sleeping. If the room temperature falls below the recommended 68°F (20°C) to 72°F (22°C), socks are a great addition under pjs to ensure proper warmth.

With the right fabrics, footie pajamas are an acceptable and safe option for babies any time of the year. If you are concerned about your baby overheating in their footed pjs, avoid heat and moisture-trapping synthetic fabrics, like polyester or nylon. Opt for breathable footie pajamas made from lightweight fabrics, like Tencel, for a great choice that keeps babies comfortable throughout the day or night. Our TierraLuxe™ fabric is made with TENCEL™ fibers to provide proper air circulation, regulate body temperature, and prevent excessive sweating.