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Shop Soft Clothing Made for Sensitive Skin

Dress your baby boy or baby girl in our luxuriously soft and naturally hypoallergenic Tencel Lyocell fabric.  Our collection of Tencel baby clothes ensures  your baby enjoys cozy comfort while keeping their delicate skin safe from irritation. Additionally, thanks to its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, our Tencel fabric helps keep your baby comfortable by keeping them dry and minimizing the risk of overheating.  

Shop now and discover the gentle softness of our TENCEL™ fabric that is perfect for sensitive skin and designed to keep your baby comfortable all day and night long. Don't miss out on our selection of baby Tencel essentials like gowns, footies and pajamas, they are perfect for special occasions or everyday wear.

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Stylish Baby Clothes in Stunning Colors and Prints

Explore our diverse collection of baby clothes designed to keep your little one comfortable and stylish. From adorable prints to timeless neutrals, our collection offers something for every baby boy and girl. Whether you're shopping for newborn essentials or updating your toddler's wardrobe, we have a variety of options to suit your needs.

Shop everything from fan-favorite baby pajamas to everyday essentials, like bodysuits to cuddle sets. Whatever the occasion, you can feel confident knowing you’re dressing your baby in clothing that offers optimal comfort and style. 


After the 12-month mark, baby clothing sizes are presented in six-month increments. This can be confusing as newborn baby clothing through 12 months is sized in three-month increments. However, after 12 months, you can typically choose between sizes 12-18 months or 18-24 months before transitioning to toddler clothes, starting at 2T. While babies grow quickly during their first year, this tends to slow a bit after the 12-month mark, allowing for longer use of each size. 

The difference between 24 months and 2T sizing for clothing is primarily in the intended fit of the items. 24-month clothing is technically still sized for baby clothes and may accommodate younger infants as well, whereas 2T is the first official size in toddler clothing (with the “T” standing for “toddler”). 24-month clothing is typically sized with specific consideration for babies’ smaller proportions and unique needs. For example, bottoms 24-month-sized bottoms generally are a bit roomier, leaving space for diapers. On the other hand, 2T sizing is slimmer and longer, designed with the proportions and needs of toddlers in mind, including slightly longer lengths to accommodate their growing bodies.

To determine the right size of baby clothes to buy, you must consider the baby's age, weight, and height, as well as the brand's sizing chart. Most brands provide sizing charts that correlate age, weight, and height measurements to specific clothing sizes for certain types of items. While it’s common practice to size up to allow for growth, be mindful that excessively loose clothing can pose suffocation risks for infants, especially during sleep. Therefore, as your baby grows, regularly check their measurements and adjust clothing sizes accordingly to ensure a comfortable and safe fit.

Sizing up in baby clothes can be a practical approach for parents, especially considering how quickly babies grow during their first year. Choosing a slightly larger size allows room for growth, allowing your baby to wear outfits multiple times. However, while too tight of clothing can lead to discomfort, the same can be said for excessively large and loose clothing as well. Therefore, we recommend consulting a brand’s size chart before purchasing to ensure the coziest fit for your baby. Ultimately, baby clothing should fit snugly enough while still leaving room for natural movement and optimal comfort.