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Toddlers Pajamas Made Better with Tencel

Get ready for better snuggles and sounder sleep. Between the snug fit and unmatched quality, these sets offer everything you’re looking for in toddler pajamas. Our long sleeve toddler pajamas made with Tencel lyocell provide unparalleled comfort for your little sprout. Thanks to the fabric’s cloud-like softness, our pjs will have your toddler excited for bedtime and ready for sweet dreams. Tencel’s natural breathability helps regulate body temperature, helping your toddler fall asleep—and stay asleep—while staying perfectly cozy all night long. These cozy pajamas are extra gentle, making them a perfect choice for toddlers with sensitive or eczema-prone skin. 

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The Perfect Pajama Set

Our long sleeve two-piece pajama sets are sure to become a bedtime favorite. In addition to their ultra-soft feel and adorable designs, these pjs offer versatility, allowing parents to mix and match tops and bottoms for multiple styles. 

Additionally, our two-piece baby pajama sets are perfect for toddlers who are starting their potty training journey. The stretchy pants make for easier diaper changes or trips to the potty, as only the bottom half needs to be removed. Overall, these sets provide convenience, comfort, and practicality for both toddlers and parents.


When it comes to choosing pajamas for your toddler, it’s important to prioritize comfort and convenience. Toddlers should wear pajamas made from soft and breathable fabrics like Tencel, keeping them comfortable throughout the night. Opt for pajamas with convenient designs, such as two-piece sets or footies with easy-to-use closures like zippers to minimize fussing at bedtime. Have a variety of long sleeve and short sleeve options, allowing flexibility depending on the climate and temperature of the room.

Toddler pajamas are often designed with a tighter fit for safety reasons. Since toddlers are always on the go,  a snug fit reduces the risk of loose fabric getting tangled or caught on objects, minimizing the potential for tripping or falling. Additionally, sleepwear that isn’t treated with harsh flame retardants should be snug and fit closely against the toddler's body to minimize the risk of catching fire. Not only can loose fabric easily catch fire if it comes in contact with an open flame, but the air between fabric and skin with loose fitting sleepwear can promote the rapid spreading of fire.